Straight Talk Food is a No Bullshit Food Review Website focusing on Independent, Noteworthy Restaurants.

Our Story

What do you get when a Writer, Cordon Bleu Trained Chef, wine, cocktail, and culinary connoisseur’s gather around a table – a No Bullshit food review.

As epicurean’s, we love all things food. It has been disheartening to read nationally syndicated articles with food reviews touting the best new restaurant or chefs, which leave a perplexed expression on your face as you question out loud, “What?”

The reality that most culinary lovers don’t realize… Many of the reviews and articles you read, are paid for. Money can buy placement anywhere- online or in print.

So in true fashion, this review site was built over a couple of drinks. To provide honest, raw, up-to-date food reviews of local, independent restaurants.

We don’t and won’t accept money for our reviews. Telling it like it is, and escaping the influence of the all mighty dollar, so you know where to spend your money and time experiencing culinary delights.

“We want you to know if something is out of this world, or if the bathrooms were beyond dirty. We will say it like it is, giving credit where credit is due.”

Want Your Restaurant Reviewed?

Leave us a message about why your restaurant qualifies. We won’t promise a visit, and if we make it in, you will never know we were there until you read it online.

– Straight Talk Food

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